Why a Professional Productivity Specialist?               

Top 10 services provided

  • Hands-on organizing
  • Maintenance (organizing)
  • Consulting
  • Speaking at meetings/conferences
  • Moves/relocations/downsizings
  • Coaching
  • Project management coordination
  • Training
  • Writing organizing articles/columns
  • Design

Top reasons professional organizers are hired

  • Too much clutter
  • General disorganization
  • Difficulty determining what to keep and/or discard
  • Difficulty finding things
  • Selling a home or moving

Top areas in home where organizing services are most often requested

  • Home office or den
  • Kitchen
  • Closet
  • Master Bedroom
  • Garage/Attic/Basement

Top reasons members are hired to organize commercial offices

  • Improve general employee productivity
  • Maximize office space
  • Assist specific employees needing organizational skills
  • Shelving and storage solutions
  • Preparation to move company

Top services NAPO members provide to students

  • Organization of their rooms and/or study area
  • Closet organization
  • Help determining what to keep or discard
  • Advice on organization and time management at home
School programs on organization and time management                 


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