Thank you for all of your helpful suggestions, the re-organizing of my home office and the organizing of my taxes.  Falling behind happens so fast, when you run two businesses and are raising two teenage kids.  Thanks for clearing up the funk and getting rid of my junk, filling my piles and storing my valuables properly.  I highly suggest a productivity specialist they are the jump start I needed to get me up to speed. 
Single Dad and Contractor ~ Santa Cruz, CA

YOU are like the wife I always wanted!  I am mother, a wife, a home maker, a business owner, and I volunteer.  Zen assist’s me with the mundane tasks I do not have time to get to nor would I really want too; they are a perfect extension of me.
Allie ~ Aptos, CA

I hate to shop… you ladies sure do have the knack for it!  They came in, checked out my “current” closet conditions, and said *&^% no to most of my old stuff.  They sized me up went to the market to shop and purchased for me, “current trends.”  What ever I did not like or what ever did not fit right they returned for me. Now I am up to date with a new wardrobe, some old comforts, and a great new vote of confidence. Nice job!
Bill ~ Soquel, CA

These angels came just in the nick of time, during one of the hardest times in my life; when my mother passed away unexpectedly.  I was in shock; I was just going to through most of mom’s stuff away because I just had way too much to do and no help from other family members.  I was not excepting her death, I had no help, no were to turn.  With much grace and comfort Zen’s team came in they guided me through the process of dismantling rooms, packing items for family and friends to look through as memorabilia in memory of mom and they organized items that I could actually sell to help cover some of the costs that are involved with life’s transitions.  It’s not an easy topic, but a hard reality; I am very thankful for the help… they are well worth it…an impeccable and valuable part of today’s time.
Eve ~ Capitola, CA.  

Ideas, connections, and contacts oh my!  THANKS for helping me get my idea off the ground and running.  The wealth of information you provide is priceless you are like a genie in a bottle.
Doug ~ Scotts Valley, CA.

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